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Precautions for small excavators up and down

12/20/2020views 70

Small excavators are often working on up and down slopes when they are working on construction sites. When encountering relatively large steep slopes, you must pay special attention to the safety of the driver. Then what problems should the small excavators pay attention to when going up and down? Let’s take a look together below.

1. “Safety belts” The seats of the small excavator are all equipped with safety belts, but few people really wear safety belts.

2. “Slope repair” When the small excavator comes down on a platform of a certain height, a reasonable slope must be repaired, so that the crawler does not need to be suspended to maintain the balance of the vehicle when it is supported by a bucket, which is relatively safe.

3. “Guide wheel in front” When going downhill, make sure that the guide wheel is in front, because the walking pole is stepped forward when going downhill. In this way, the forward inertia is just offset by the force of the foot. Will be much more stable.

4. “Advance at a constant speed” When going downhill, you must advance at a constant speed. The speed of the crawler and the speed of the boom must be consistent, so as not to cause the bucket support force to exceed the suspension of the crawler.

The above are the safety precautions that a small excavator needs to pay attention to when going up and down.


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