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Which brand of small excavator has the best quality?

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As an important production and construction tool, small excavators are deeply loved by people. In many fields, small excavators can be seen in the process of mechanization, which highlights its importance. Not only are small excavators updated quickly, but there are many types of small excavators, and the prices of small excavators are also quite different. Many friends who want to buy small excavators don’t know which small excavators are of good quality.

Which brand of small excavator has the best quality?

When it comes to this issue, we have to say that there are many types of small excavators and small excavator brands on the market. After decades of development, China’s small excavator market has gradually become mature and stable. From the previous imported machine as the leading factor, the current imported machine and the domestic small excavator are equally divided in the world. The development process is also the domestic small excavator. development path.

Nowadays, there are relatively few small excavators that are purely imported. Basically all world-famous brands have branch offices in China, so most of the small excavators of imported brands we can see are joint venture vehicles.

For example, small excavator brands mainly include Caterpillar small excavators, Komatsu small excavators, Volvo small excavators, Ishikawa Island small excavators, Bobcat small excavators, and Hyundai small excavators and Doosan small excavators. excavator.

Small excavators like Carter have strong power, mature technology and good controllability. Komatsu produces a full range of small excavators from large to mini excavators, and they all maintain a high industry standard. Basically, all types of small excavators are recognized by the industry.

With the continuous advancement of domestic small excavators, imported technology is now basically adopted. For example, modern small excavators are basically equivalent to domestic technology, and some models are not as cost-effective as domestic small excavators.

The high performance of imported cars is accompanied by high prices, high purchase prices and high maintenance costs. With these two heights, many friends who want to buy a car leave it.

The question of what small excavators are of good quality is once again before us. After decades of development, domestic small excavators have come from behind. Based on the national conditions, they have worked hard to produce a large number of superior enterprises, such as Sany, XCMG and Liuzhou. Gong and Lipai not only have a high market share in China, but also have a very high praise in the world.

For example, Sany and XCMG have made many world frontiers, and their achievements have been unanimously praised by their peers. Although the technology and quality of domestic small excavators are relatively good, the price is indeed about half lower than that of the joint venture brand, and the cost performance is relatively high. Therefore, it quickly occupied the market and was praised by the majority of users.

What small excavator is of good quality, the answer is different in different times; what small excavator is of good quality, the answer is different in the eyes of different people.

We only hope that through the above introduction, you can have a clearer understanding of what small excavators are of good quality, and play some helpful role in your purchase.


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