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Mini excavator application and price

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Mini excavators are suitable for working in small spaces. They have the advantages of flexible operation, relatively low price, light weight, and convenient maintenance. In the current environment where labor is becoming more and more expensive, they are very popular among users. At the same time, because of the low investment, it is also a popular entrepreneurial project.

Mini excavator application and price

Mini excavators generally have a tonnage of less than 2 tons and a width of less than 1.3 meters (like Shanding mini excavators with advanced chassis automatic telescopic function), compact body and flexible rotation. High efficiency, low energy consumption, and intelligent operation are its main development directions. There are mainly imported machines and domestic machines in the market.

Mini excavators are mainly adapted to the scope of work and advantages:

The mini excavator is suitable for various narrow working environments such as roads, buried pipelines, basic operations, gardens, small water conservancy, small-scale civil engineering, trenching, greenhouses, bridge construction, mine construction, and other special requirements Site operations.

Generally, the weight is relatively light, and the transfer transportation is very convenient. No special trailer is required. Ordinary vehicles can basically be pulled away directly. The use cost is greatly reduced. At the same time, due to the small size and the use of deflection devices, it is very conducive to construction operations in narrow sites.

Let’s take the Lipai mini excavator as an example to introduce the main performance advantages:

1. The hydraulic system adopts a 3-pump full power control variable system to ensure that the engine power is fully utilized and utilized. The hydraulic system can reasonably distribute and utilize the flow, which changes and improves the performance of the mini excavator;

2. Equipped with a one-touch engine reducer device, which helps to reduce fuel consumption when the engine is temporarily idling and reduce the cost of use.

3. Using the axial variable piston pump with power transmission, the system pressure and flow can be changed according to the load received by the hydraulic system, and the functions of high digging force and rapid operation conversion can be maintained, and the engine power can be used to work to a great extent. Operational efficiency.

4. The engine is equipped with an emergency stop device that can automatically stop the engine when the oil pressure drops abnormally to avoid catastrophic damage to the engine caused by excessive oil consumption or driver neglect.

5. The use of “pressure-compensated CLSS” hydraulic system and motion tuning technology can achieve accurate operation according to the driver’s intention and work more efficiently.

6. The tailless rotation can easily complete 360° rotation in a narrow environment, with good adaptability and safer operation.

7. The application of intelligent CPU microcomputer technology can monitor the working conditions of the whole vehicle at any time, alarm for faults, realize friendly human-computer interaction, and greatly improve maintenance and work efficiency.

8. The pressure compensation device is built-in as a whole. When the excavator moves in a compound action, the executive elements do not interfere with each other, which improves work efficiency and shortens operating time.

9. The load sensing system can supply the flow required by the actuator according to the angle of the handle. When the system is not working, the main pump displacement is reduced to a small amount, which can reduce fuel consumption.

10. In line with ergonomic structure, low noise, low vibration, it can reduce driving fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Mini excavator price

The price of mini excavators is generally around 260,000 for imported machines, and around 110,000 for domestic machines.

At present, the mini excavator is in the golden stage of development. The broad development space and market prospect make the mini excavator market a paradise for competition among major machinery companies.


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