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How much is the price of a mini excavator?

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Mini excavators are quietly emerging on the land of China. Such engineering equipment is needed for orchards, landscaping, greenhouses, trenching, tree planting, and small projects.

Because of its compactness, flexibility, high efficiency, and powerful functions, it is loved by the majority of users, and more and more people are paying attention to it, especially the agricultural mini excavator. There are quite a few people to consult every day, but in the end How much is such a mini excavator? Many people do not have a clear understanding, we will give you a brief introduction today:

How much is the price of a mini excavator?-Rippa

Because there are still relatively few mini excavators in China, whether they are manufacturers or users, this market is basically occupied by foreign brands. Generally, an imported or joint venture mini excavator costs two to three million. , Such a price is unacceptable to the majority of agricultural users, coupled with the high maintenance costs in the later period, not only fails to create value for farmers, but also becomes a burden for farmers.

Therefore, domestic micro-excavators have come into view. In the micro-excavator market, domestic manufacturers have come from behind to catch up. Although they can’t catch up with imported brands in a short time, they also occupy their respective territories because of their low prices.

Especially in recent years, domestic machinery manufacturers have vigorously introduced foreign advanced technology and continue to digest and absorb them. In order to better enhance product quality and improve product performance, basically all main components are the same as imported excavators. The imported accessories of Lipai are clearly reflected in the digging fuselage.

In the end, the performance of this kind of domestic mini excavators can be completely comparable to imported excavators, but the price is really only about half of imported excavators. Only such products can truly adapt to China’s expanding mini excavator market. The approximate price of a mini excavator is not set by the manufacturer but by the market.

But now there is still a bigger agricultural market. It is possible that the orchard only has tens of acres, perhaps only a dozen large sheds, and perhaps hundreds of acres of mountainous land. A mini excavator worth about 100,000 still appears to them. It’s too expensive, the price they can accept is only two to three thousand, or five to six thousand.

Is there such a cheap small excavator? How much can a mini excavator cost?

the reality is cruel! At present, due to the limitation of accessories and production costs, the price of mini excavators has not been so low. Take the type of small excavators that are almost obsolete, which are mechanically operated, because of low efficiency, easy damage and inconvenient maintenance. The reason is that it is about to be eliminated by the market. The production cost of such a product must be around 80,000.

So how much is the cheapest mini excavator now-about 100,000 yuan, yes! It is this price that will not change much in the short term. This price may make many people sad, but as the proportion of localized accessories increases in the future, the price is expected to drop.

Driven by the huge domestic small excavator market, we believe that the price of mini excavators will certainly meet the needs of most users, and the approximate price of mini excavators will no longer be a problem that bothers us.


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