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What brand of small excavator is of good quality

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In life, more and more of us will use excavators to help us complete some tasks, especially now that many small jobs have to find an excavating machine to replace due to the increase in labor costs, so small excavators have become the best Choose, so what brand of small excavator is of good quality has become a topic of concern to many friends.

What brand of small excavator is of good quality

At present, the classification of small excavators is mainly divided into two categories: wheeled small excavators and crawler small excavators, which are also our two most common categories. Models of about 6 tons have been applied to various fields for a long time and are most well known.

According to the brand, there are mainly imported joint venture brands and domestic brands. For example, small excavators are the key production models of domestic machinery manufacturers. They are produced from the beginning, and basically all domestic excavator companies can produce this. Therefore, relatively speaking, the model and technology are relatively mature, and the performance is relatively good. The outlets are abundant and easy to maintain, and the price is affordable to the general public. Accessories are also very common and easy to match, with lower maintenance costs. Basically, the price of small excavators is around 150,000-250,000 RMB.

Which small excavator of imported brand is better? Imported joint venture brand excavators are mainly divided into two categories: European and American brands and Japanese and Korean brands. European and American brands have strong power, higher fuel consumption, and higher sales prices. Japanese and Korean brand small excavators are basically similar to European and American brands. In terms of Korean brand small excavators, the price is a bit cheaper. Of course, the quality is also greatly reduced. For example, the performance of some models is not as good as the domestic small excavators. However, the overall price of these imported brand excavators is about twice that of domestic small excavators.

With the continuous changes of people’s needs, small excavators are also undergoing changes quietly. They are developing as diverse, miniaturized, intelligent and intimate. Especially in recent years, the development momentum of mini excavators is strong and the market The demand is increasing year by year. In order to be suitable for use in different fields and working conditions, the intimate business of excavator customization has emerged. The demand of the market directly promotes the development of the excavator industry, so that small excavators can better adapt to people’s needs.

What brand of small excavator is of good quality mainly depends on what individual needs look like, what type of excavator the operating conditions are suitable for, what is your own budget, and what if you want to know about small excavators If you have a deeper understanding of the quality of the brand, you can contact us directly and will give you the most satisfactory answer.


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