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Five factors contributing to the rapid development of the small excavator market

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In recent years, the development of small excavators in China has been very rapid, and the market demand has also increased year by year. What is the reason for the rapid development of the small excavator industry can be attributed to the following five major factors.

Five factors contributing to the rapid development of the small excavator market-Rippa

Market needs, especially in the economically developed areas of the southeast coast, as well as Sichuan in the west, Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities in the west, sales are extremely hot.

Price factors, bank credit contraction, mortgages are not smooth, even if there is a mortgage scale is not large, but the price of small excavator is only one-half or one-third of the medium-sized excavator, so it is more attractive to users.

The technical threshold, the production technology and capital barriers of small digging machines are relatively low. Many companies that want to enter the excavator industry start with the development of small digging machines, and then gradually develop medium and large digging machines.

In the past few years, foreign-funded excavator manufacturers that have entered China concentrated on producing and selling medium-sized excavators of 20 to 30 tons. They did not pay attention to the timely development or introduction of small excavators. Thrive.

The competitive situation is that foreign companies that come to China specializing in the production of small excavators have not invested in China in time to build factories or have small investment scales, which have not yet become a climate, which provides opportunities for the development of local companies.

However, my country must pay attention to the following two issues in the development of small excavators:

One is to standardize the development of small excavators. In the past few years, small excavators have developed rapidly. There are many companies that have entered or are about to enter this industry to develop small excavators, but the market capacity is limited. Overcapacity will appear in a few years. Guide and standardize small excavations The development of the machine should be on the agenda.

The second is to conduct research and development of key components in an organized and planned manner. The demand for key parts and components supporting the small excavator is gradually increasing, many of which cannot be found in China, and the import time is very long, which seriously affects the production and export of the small excavator. The research and development of key components of the small excavator requires a lot of capital and energy, relying solely on the strength of a certain company

The above is all about the five major factors of the rapid development of the small excavator market. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message below for consultation.


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