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    How to choose a large excavator better

    Time:2023-12-14 Views:715

    Many customers only care about the price of the excavator when they buy it. After buying it, they don't expect to make any money, so they start to solve the problems in use. Many clients will regret it greatly. To save labor costs, you need to keep the following three points in mind when choosing a Shandong excavator.


    The compatibility mode of the vehicle must be very good

    Many people think that the engine is imported or domestic. In fact, it is not very important. At present, domestic engine technology is very mature. For example, Laiwu, Yuchai, Weichai and Xinchai have no problem with quality and durability. Whether the components are suitable or not is important to improve performance. Nowadays, many small manufacturers have grasped the psychology of users and are bent on pursuing high-end configurations, but the compatibility mode cannot be adjusted. Incompatible equipment not only greatly reduces the characteristics of the vehicle, but also reduces the use of various components.


    The quality of the manufacturer’s after-sales maintenance services cannot be ignored

    For large excavator engineering machinery, the replacement and maintenance of consumables cannot be underestimated, and it is also related to the economic benefits of the customer. Therefore, the selection of the machine and the purchase of spare parts are very easy. The manufacturer’s after-sales maintenance service is to purchase the car in installments immediately. Conduct inspections beforehand. In this industry, most people can consider the applicability of models. The key is for the customer group who has just entered the production line to select models based on the actual future work conditions. The geological reliability of plain areas is suitable for all tasks of wheeled excavators, but for mountains or hills, be sure to choose a tracking model. Perhaps there are many factors that affect model selection, such as the size of the job, whether the job location is fixed, etc.

    The above is all the content introduced today about how to choose a better large excavator. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult.

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