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    How much does the smallest mini excavator cost?

    Time:2023-12-14 Views:888

    Currently, there are domestic and foreign-funded enterprises producing mini excavators. Many people think that the mini excavators produced by foreign-funded enterprises are of high technical level and expensive. As everyone knows, the development trend after more than ten years According to the trend, domestic micro-mining technology has already reached a leading position. For example, Lipai micro-mining has not only broken away from overseas fortresses, but also far surpassed foreign-funded enterprises to a certain extent.


    Advantages of mini excavator:

    1. Excellent work efficiency and extraordinary cost-effectiveness

    2. The standard equipped bulldozer blade can level the land and backfill, improving the reliability of the entire machine.

    3. Easy to operate, compact and flexible, convenient to transport, and can work in small places, especially suitable for excavation and planting in plantations such as kiwi orchards, vineyards, and orange orchards.

    Fertilizer, hoeing, etc.

    4. Lipai mini excavator has multiple functions of excavation, crushing, ditch clearing, drilling and bulldozing. Accessories can be quickly replaced, further increasing the equipment utilization rate. How much does the smallest mini excavator cost? With the development trend of economic development in the new era, small and medium-sized engineering machinery and equipment have given full play to their great advantages and developed rapidly in the construction processes of municipal road projects, transportation, and household use. trend. In particular, mini excavators of 1-6 tons are most favored by farmers.

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